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This isn't the way you want your company
on the 6 O' clock News.

Make TFC your “In House Carrier”!

Customer Quotes

"Having TFC is like having your own company truck."

"Using TFC is better than having your own trucks"

"TFC is a valuable component of our business Model"

What do we mean when we say
“make us your IN HOUSE CARRIER”?

Today the transportation industry has changed. For many companies it is not a sound business decision to own your own truck. With the Department of Transportation Regulations, insurance liability/costs, maintenance costs, drug testing, and breakdowns, many companies have chose to eliminate the hassle of having their own truck(s) and letting TFC become their IN HOUSE CARRIER.
Why worry about scheduling around vacations, holidays, sick days, or having to pay workers comp.?

Have the assurance of having all your transportation needs met with one phone call.

We have built these relationships so that everything runs as smooth as if you had your own truck but without all the other hassles.

One phone call and we take care of scheduling, dispatching, loading and unloading most loads (freeing up everyone on your dock).
From your dock to your customer or vendor's dock, to insure safety and no damage to your load, there's no dock transfer or switching trucks.

The secret to our success is to partner with our customers to produce a strategic alliance!

Make TFC you're IN HOUSE transportation carriers for that delivered on time service!!  

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